Sasquatch Showdown

Lost while hiking, you are froced to take shelter for the night, but something besides the wind is stalking forest outside of this abandoned cabin. Can escape in time? Or will you be just another missing hiker?

Mission Details

  • 2 to 8 Players
  • Duration: 60 Min
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Success Rate: 64%
  • Fastest Time: 35:42
  • $21.95 Per Person + Taxes

Your group of hikers has become lost in the dense forest of the Pacific Northwest.  As darkness falls, you are forced to take shelter in a surprisingly sturdy, but seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods.  But you are not alone.  Hoots and whistles in the forest soon turns into thumps on the walls and door.  Something is not happy that you are in the cabin. Could there be another way out? You must solve the mysteries left behind by the previous owners of the cabin and escape before Sasquatch breaks down the front door.